The Different lock combinations of Custom Safe

In the past years, keys were the only given option to lock and unlock any kinds of doors. But over the past couple of decade, this technology has improved where now one gets to have keylocks with multiple levers. To enrich the locks with safety there are the custom safe mechanisms in place where the teeth are added to both sides of the stem in a key which will increase the security. The older keys were made from the brass or steel metal which is considerably harder wearing. The modern keys are made from soft alloys and can be misused to an extent.

custom safe

To overcome this issue, there are holes present in the center of the keys to allow free movement of the key. This, however, will result in the collection of debris over time, which will stop the key from working later on. To complement the fact of custom safe the doors are made thicker. This demands the key to be much longer. Since this is a little difficult to carry around people have come up with the option of slit keys where the smaller key can be carried around. The majority of the people now go for digital locks as if one of the split keys is found in the house during any kind of burglary incident then the insurance will not be valid.

The option of Mechanical combinations

While these kinds of locks have been around right from the Roman times, they have made a comeback in the 1800’s. With the update of technology, these locks have improved too. A turning dial which will require a code in order to open the lock has been added. By entering the three or four digit code the custom safe lock will open. Since the locker should be kept inside a cupboard and is quite heavy it is not easy to handle. Also, the numbers might be entered wrongly at times and hence this was not preferred by the domestic clients. With the electronic age in place, these types of locks have become outdated.

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Electronic locks

Now it is the time for the digital era. A keypad is present, which requires a six to eight digit code to apply in order to open the custom safe lock. By entering this code the door opens and after usage, the door can be shut back, which will reinstate the lock in place. These locks will run based on a battery and this battery will be kept somewhere near the lock itself. It will either be inside the keypad or in the battery box by the door.

In the case of commercial clients, the will prefer to keep the batteries connected to the main power. While these advanced technologies have made the security considerably high there is still some minor drawbacks considering the discharge of the battery etc. If the battery is on the keypad, then it is easy to change. Since electronics might get affected due to temperature change which means that keeping them in a cold damp place will create major issues.