Advantages of a Custom AFO Brace For Foot Drop

Millions of people suffer from foot drops. While it may not be painful, it can cause many problems for those who are affected, including decreased mobility, falls, and injuries. Because of the increased complexity of foot drop, there are more options and choices available than ever before. Choosing the right orthotics requires the advice of a medical professional, affordable pricing, and the support of the medical community. At Saebo, we provide evidence-based rehabilitation techniques and cutting-edge technology to provide a high-quality product for patients who suffer from foot drops.

Ankle-foot orthosis

Besides orthoses, foot drop patients also need a customized device. These devices are often fabricated from basic materials such as cloth, plastic, leather, and metal. Customized orthoses require substantial work like cutting, moulding, and sewing. Sometimes, they include prefabricated components, but their modifications need to be more substantial than those required by a prefabricated device. This article describes the differences between the two types of orthoses and how each type of device can benefit different foot drop patients.

An ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) is a device worn by the patient to help correct foot drops. It provides maximal stability and prevents motion at the foot-ankle complex. It also has the ability to influence knee position if there is moderate instability of the knee. It is an excellent orthosis for people with foot drops. Listed below are some advantages of custom orthotics:

Carbon graphite

The advantages of the best drop foot braces include reduced foot drop and a low-profile design. These braces are made of a carbon-graphite composite material, which is lightweight and incredibly durable. The design of these orthotics makes them easy to adjust and offers fluid rollover and excellent energy return. Additionally, the footplate is easily trimmed to fit inside most shoes and is adjustable so that it doesn’t interfere with your shoe.

The AliMed Carbon Fiber AFO provides exceptional stability in mid-stance and propels the patient through the gait cycle. The carbon fibre construction reduces heat build-up and reduces critical pressure points. The AFO has a 15 to 20-degree forefoot lift around the met head and a heel wedge to balance the equinus. The lightweight design makes this foot drop brace comfortable and easy to adjust.

Injection-moulded polypropylene

If you suffer from a drop foot, you can use an injection moulded polypropylene foot drop braces. These braces are lightweight and offer dorsiflexion assistance. These devices are also very sturdy and easily adjustable. Injection moulding allows for thicker vertical polypropylene, giving them greater rigidity. Freedom AFO features a low arch, open heel, and a streamlined profile. This brace comes in two different sizes, left and right. The brace is available in black and is also available in men’s sizes.

Perfect Drop Foot Brace was designed by a physical therapist. It is designed to stabilize the ankle while preventing foot dropping and inversion. Inversion occurs when the foot is injured or is misaligned due to a muscle or nerve disorder. Perfect Drop Foot Brace supports the ankle while allowing the user to walk more comfortably, lift their toes, and maintain proper alignment.


If you suffer from foot drops, you may be wondering which custom orthotic device to purchase. AFO braces are made of different materials, including neoprene and nylon, which are known for their flexibility and lightweight nature. Other materials, such as foam, provide better comfort and fit. If braces are a great option for people with foot drops, as they help improve mobility and quality of life.

A custom-made AFO helps to correct the foot drop, by holding the foot in the proper position. It prevents calcaneus irritation and provides optimal flexibility to the toes. The splint is fabricated with injection moulding technology, which allows for thicker polypropylene on the vertical aspect of the splint. These custom orthotics will stabilize the ankle while maintaining the foot’s natural gait.