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Rotin Oriental – High Quality Rattan Furniture

Rotin Oriental (Montreal, Quebec) is a family run business established in 1989. Since then we have strived to bring you the best selection and price in high quality rattan furniture.


To maintain a low operating cost and enjoy a comfort purchase at home without hustle, we encourage all our customers to email your orders on the web.


  • Durability with high quality finish.
  • Competitive price.
  • Vast selection.
  • Prompt delivery.
  • Shop convenient with confidence.

A lot of people think rattan and wicker furniture are not durable but too expensive, here are our answers:


All our quality products are imported by the top rank nation-wide companies such as BOCA, RATTANA, PRECIOUS ISLAND, CATHAY IMPORTS etc…

Sometimes you will find exactly the same merchandise also carried by many of the well-known classic furniture stores around you. Those rattan furniture and accessories are sold for daily use. Go have a touch and judge the quality by yourselves. However, you are always disappointed by the limited choice of varieties and the uncertainty of shipping time. Here you can complete your decoration under one single roof instead of just pick up the odds and ends over there.

Double Guarantee On Pricing Policy

As a smart shopper like you, internet is so convenient, we suggest you shop a few places around, even across the border, before decide where to buy. We are ready to beat any price anywhere, apple to apple basis. Furthermore, we promise to refund you the difference plus 10% more if you can find the identical merchandise selling cheaper than what you have paid within 30 days after your purchase and such proof has to be supported by a public media dated.

Largest Selection Ever In Canada With Prompt Delivery

You will be surprised by the enormous choice when you walk in our showroom, we used to display at least 5 times the varieties than what you can see in the website. For those non-custom-made items, usually they are pay and carry basis.

Rattan & Wicker Are The Same, Bamboo Is A Different Species

Many people are confused with rattan and wicker. In fact, they are the same thing, names are interchangeable. Normally, rattan poles are used to construct the frame of the furniture, while wickers are used to weave on the rattan frame to show the details of the designs. Wicker is extracted and cut from the core of rattan poles, what it has been changed is just the size and the form only, but nothing affect to their strength and durability. As small size rattan (so called wicker) is very flexible in nature, which is excellent for woven design while rattan pole is too rigid to weave, therefore you can always find both materials are used in the same piece of furniture simultaneously.

The best quality of rattan species is from Indonesia, however the finest wicker workmanship is from China.

Bamboo is hollow inside and not easy to bend in desire shape, very seldom you can find bamboo is used in furniture, except blinds and dividers.