The Benefits of Using an E-Nail

Are you looking for the best dabbing tool in town? If your answer is yes, you can try out an e-nail. An enail also known as an electronic nail allows dabbers to enjoy their concentrates in the best possible way.

For a good reason, e nails Canada has become the latest craze among dabbers. It’s because it’s a much better alternative to the butane torches. Unlike the butane torches which used to get heated very easily, an e-nail offers consistent temperature. Hence, allowing dabbers to avoid burns.

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Enjoy Dabbing with E-nails

Dabbers won’t enjoy their dab if it’s too cold or it’s too hot. If the concentrate gets too hot, it might result in a tasteless dab. On the other hand, too cold concentrates might result in the pooling of the dab at the nail base.

Previously, attaining an optimal temperature was not that easy. The butane torches worked perfectly on the nails; still, they failed to provide persistent temperature. Hence, dabbers need to guess the time perfectly from their end in order to enjoy the perfect dab.

The Entry of E-nails

The failure of a butane torch to provide a consistent temperature eventually lead its way for e nails Canada. The working technology of an electronic nail is very simple. The en-nail is a metal box that comes with a heating coil and a PID that measures the coil temperature. The best thing about an electronic nail is that users can set the temperature and control it accordingly.

Not Any More Pricey

E nails Canada is usually available in then dabbing market as a high-end product. Being highly priced, not everyone is able to procure it. Owning too many companies coming up with portable e-nails, the price of e-nails has slashed down.


Using an E-nail is An Added Advantage

Using an e-nail allows users to get their desired consistency for the dabs. Moreover, one gets to enjoy the best hit and vapors, every time they think of dabbing. As a matter of fact, using an e-nail over a butane torch allows one to enjoy a lot of benefits. The benefits are:

  • Dabbers don’t need to rely on the supply of butane any more. After all, e-nails run on electricity and accessing electricity is very easy.
  • Controlling of the temperature of e nails Canada is very easy.
  • Little amount of power is required for the operation of an electronic nail. Moreover, it can last for hours and can allow dabbers to enjoy unlimited dabs.
  • E-nails is only one such device that can provide huge volume of dabs. One can turn it one and dab whenever they feel like.
  • Thus, users have the ability to control the heating of the rig. Once the unit reaches the desired temperature, users can enjoy their dabbing experience multiple number of times. Hence, the biggest advantage that one gets to enjoy persistent results from the heated rigs.
  • An e-nail is not hazardous as a butane torch. It doesn’t use any flame. Hence, it’s safer to use.

Even though e nails Canada offers a lot of benefits, it’s not for everyone. Only experienced dabbers should use an e-nail in order to get the perfect dabbing experience.




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